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intense pulsed light therapy Intense Pulse Light VL86

Function 1. Remove undesired hair2. Remove epidermal pigmentation3. Remove red blood vessels4. Acne and scars treatment5. Skin rejuvenation6. Wrinkle removal


    1. Remove undesired hair

    2. Remove epidermal pigmentation

    3. Remove red blood vessels

    4. Acne and scars treatment

    5. Skin rejuvenation

    6. Wrinkle removal

    7. Speckle removal


    1. Wavelength ending at 950nm for super effect! Prevent skin moisture loss or burning risk. Highly improve therapeutic effect and shorten course of treatment.

    2. Multilingual arbitrary languages on software

    3. USA Fast plug, more safety

    4. Perfect cooling system: 24 hours continuous work

    5. High power handle, Change filter handle, more choices

    6. TUV ISO13485, CE approved

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